Choosing a dentist is always an important decision for your overall health. After all, you’ll need to form a comfortable and collaborative partnership with your dentist to accommodate your oral care needs. Whether you are looking for emergency dental care or for a dentist Grand Rapids considers one of the top in the business, there are several questions to consider when it’s time to choose a new dentist. Once you have a few possibilities, you will probably need to call or visit the office to find the right choice for you. These are some of the ways that Dental Associates of West MI suggests for narrowing down your choices.

Do your friends or coworkers recommend their dentist? Ask neighbors, friends, and coworkers if they can recommend their dentist. Or ask your previous dentist for a referral. Then follow up to find out what they like about the office they recommend. Word of mouth can be a great way to find a nearby dentist who clicks with you. If you’re new to the area, though, or only in town temporarily, you can also start with an online search (like the American Dental Association’s and use other questions to narrow down your options.

Is it an emergency? When you need emergency dental care, like an emergency root canal or emergency fillings, the important thing is to find a capable dentist who can fit you in as quickly as possible. You will probably need to make some calls to find an emergency dentist. In Grand Rapids, Dental Associates of West MI is well known for having the flexibility to accommodate patients with emergency needs.

Do you have dental insurance, and if so, what type? You may want to search via your dental insurance provider’s website, or call a dentist you are considering to find out whether the office accepts your insurance.

What would be most convenient for you? For some people, distance from their home or workplace is a big factor. Think about how far you are willing to travel to your regular dental appointments, and whether you will be transporting other family members as well. In addition to the location, the convenience of office hours may be important for you.

What else important to you, based on experience? Do you need an office that’s multilingual? One that is experienced with children or seniors or special healthcare needs? Are you afraid of the dentist or do you have questions about pain management? When it comes to specific questions, you may need to call the office.

Your dentist is your partner in your long term dental health, so it’s important to find a skilled practitioner that you can feel
comfortable with. There are loads that you could use, stretching from San Diego Dentist or even if you are within west Michigan, call Dental Associates of West Michigan at 616-554-5970 to ask the questions that are important to you, or set up an initial appointment. There is literally no need to panic because you will easily be able to find a dentist near you.

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