perfect looking teethIt’s very common to see celebrities with beautiful, white, straight teeth – gorgeous, perfect looking teeth. Many people will attribute their beautiful smiles to whitening due to the large number of at-home whitening products advertised on the market. When regular people use those products, they are often disappointed with the results. Their teeth may get a little whiter, but they aren’t magically transformed. They don’t look like celebrities’ teeth. That’s because most celebrities either have veneers or have had other major cosmetic dentistry done. Teeth whitening and veneers can help create a beautiful smile, but they are very different procedures. Here we will talk about the differences between whiteners, dental bonding, and veneers and what they can and cannot do to transform your smile.

Whitening Products Only Whiten

It is true that “at home” whitening options, including whitening rinses, gum, whitening toothpaste, gel strips, and whitening trays can be effective – to an extent. This is especially true if your teeth are in excellent condition. Over time at-home whitening can make a noticeable difference, lightening teeth several shades and giving a more youthful appearance. 

Unfortunately, at-home whitening products take longer than office treatments, and, more importantly, they carry a risk of gum irritation, root damage, tooth sensitivity, or damage to existing dental work. This is why dentists typically recommend in-office whitening treatments over at-home treatments. Also, whitening products also only whiten. They don’t do anything to help fix chipping or crookedness.

Dental Bonding

For people with more cosmetic issues, dental bonding is the next step beyond whitening towards perfect looking teeth. During a dental bonding procedure, your dentist applies a tooth-colored resin material to a tooth and then hardens it with an ultraviolet light or a laser. This bonds the resin material to the tooth and covers the tooth’s damage or discoloration. Dental bonding is a less costly way to repair tooth issues like cracking, chipping, large gaps, short or misshapen teeth, and exposed roots. 

What Are Veneers?

Dentists recommend veneers when teeth whitening doesn’t work and when the patient wants a more perfect looking smile than dental bonding alone will accomplish. Veneers are a thin shell of porcelain that a dentist uses to cover the front of each tooth. Veneers are made from a high-grade ceramic. When attached, they give a genuine and beautiful tooth-like appearance and cover up any tooth imperfections. Like bonded teeth, veneers never need whitening because the porcelain will not get discolored like natural teeth do. Both bonding and veneers are a long-term answer to the question of how to get more perfect looking teeth.

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