secretsWe all know that healthy teeth are associated with success, but what else do your teeth tell people about you? When we watch crime shows on television, investigators frequently will be able to use dental remains or bite marks to be able to identify either victims or perpetrators. That’s because, as odontologists or forensic dentists know, the structure and condition of your teeth tell stories. What kinds of secrets do they tell about you?

Your socio-economic status – The whiter and straighter your teeth are, the more investment people will assume you have made in them. Most people’s teeth are not naturally bright or completely straight which is why, if they want to seem wealthier or more successful than they are for a job or to find a romantic partner, they will try to fix these problems. It does cost money to create a perfect mouth which is why wealthier people’s dentistry is often strikingly better than poorer people’s.

Your nationality – Americans spend far more money on regular dental care than people from most other countries in the world. Clean white teeth are also associated with good health and youth, and many Americans have made it a priority to fix their teeth. If you’re an American and you travel abroad, you may find people struck by the good condition of your teeth. As a country we can be proud of our teeth.

Your age – As you get older your central incisors change in shape as they are worn down from frequent use. Teenagers will have rounded incisors, and in older people they will be squarer and shorter.

Your sex – Women’s lateral incisors are rounder at the ends and shorter than their central incisors while men’s are longer and more square.

Your habits – If you have a coffee or a smoking habit, your teeth will bear the evidence. A soda habit or poorer hygiene will also show themselves in the number of fillings you have in your teeth.

Your stress level – Teeth grinding is an indicator of stress. If your molars are worn down or fractured, that’s usually a sign that you’ve dealt with anxiety or anger by grinding your teeth – either consciously or unconsciously. Competitive, aggressive people will often grind their teeth as well.

Some of these secrets are ones regular people can tell as soon as you flash your smile. Others will be ones only experts (and your own dentist) will notice. It’s fascinating, though, how much information we can know about others by the condition of their teeth. Are you paying attention to what the teeth of the people around you are telling you?