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We hope you are all doing well and making the best of things during the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” period. While we have only been able to serve our patients on an emergency basis, we have been busy preparing for our return to fully serving your needs. In an effort to protect our patients and give them peace of mind, we are implementing a few strategies beyond our normal rigid infection control standards.

• We are implementing additional cleanings of the WHOLE office before, during, and after business hours.
• We are screening all patients and staff before entering the office.
• We have “social distanced” our waiting room, and if requested, patients may wait in their vehicles before their scheduled appointment.
• Only patients are allowed in the treatment room, unfortunately – no friends or family.
• We have installed air purification systems in all treatment rooms as well as isolation systems when needed.
• Our staff will be using additional PPE and utilizing a new system of treatment to minimize contact with other individuals in the office.

We hope that these new implementations which go well beyond current recommendations will give our patients further peace of mind when seeking treatment in our office during these unprecedented times. We look forward to seeing you all again and will continue to provide the same great care you have become accustomed to!

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