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The easiest way to think of a dental implant is to consider it a prosthetic tooth – an artificial tooth which replaces one lost. This technology has been around for several decades, and chosen by many.

Implant Dentistry has become very popular over time, with new materials and techniques available and consumer demand for that perfect set of teeth and stellar smile!

The goal for this tooth, of course, is to function like the tooth it replaces, and to improve your appearance. Let us tell you how you can achieve your goal.

A dental implant is about the most comfortable and stable tooth replacement.

It offers the closest thing to a natural tooth, which is a huge benefit, not only for cosmetic dentistry reasons, but also for functionality.

It does involve oral surgery, so those with any medical considerations for surgeries should check with their primary care doctor prior to having oral surgery.

It is also wise to check with your insurance policy to see if any oral surgeries are covered, or partially covered, and for what reasons.

Dental implants can be made out of titanium or other materials that mesh well with the human body. They can be used in the upper jaw or lower jaw, and will be permanent, as they are attached by way of an anchor, going into your jaw bone and gum tissue.

They don’t have to be taken out to clean – they can be cleaned the same way as your other teeth.

Dental implants not only help you to chew your food better, they also restore the full, normal appearance of your face, that only a complete set of teeth can do.

No wonder those of all ages have leap to this solution to missing teeth!

Dr. Steven M. Conlon and Dr. James P.M. Vincelj are ready to help you make the right choice for your healthy and complete smile. The need for dental implants can make for a brighter and much more comfortable smile.

At Dental Associates Of West Michigan, our practice accepts and participates with most major insurance companies for your convenience.

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