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To ensure good oral hygiene, regular brushing and flossing of your teeth is extremely important, as you will remove some food and plaque, but optimal oral hygiene does not end there – you truly do need regular dental cleanings and oral exams. It is important for you and your dental health.

Your Dental Associates of West Michigan will probably recommend that you come get an oral exam twice a year this is basic standard of dental care. However, some people have periodontal needs that require even more frequent dental visits.

Dental Hygiene Cleaning and Oral Exams are unique to you, and your consultation with your dentist will determine your frequency; it is a decision you make together, with the proper professional education from Dental Associates of West Michigan as your guide.

If you do a very thorough brushing and root cleaning of your teeth daily, you can remove a lot of plaque and help to prevent tooth decay, but the regular oral exams and dental cleanings that you receive from your dental hygienist are a vital part in observing for any changes in your oral health.

Dental cleanings can will remove the more hardened plaque from areas where it is harder to effectively get your toothbrush or floss to reach. That plaque left in your mouth if you are not seeing a dentist regularly leads to the start of tooth decay, gum disease – and possibly a lot of discomfort and infection in your oral cavity. The education you need to know is proper nutrition for healthy teeth, oral safety, and how to prevent periodontal disease.

The plaque that can build up around your teeth can harbor bacteria, which if untreated, can cause infection and start the decay process, leading to gum disease, which can even progress to tooth loss. It is much easier and far more comfortable and less costly to prevent this process before it can start.

A simple call to your Dental Associates of West Michigan office, staffed with helpful professionals, will be a great first step toward that healthy smile, and your ongoing oral health.

We will take your medical history and get to know what your unique dental needs are, and work with you to meet them.

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