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Helping Loved Ones with Dementia Care for their Oral Health

Caring for the Oral Health of Those with Dementia For individuals with developing dementia, changes in tooth brushing habits are often the first sign of the disease, even before memory issues arise. Neglecting tooth brushing, brushing less often or stopping altogether can be the result of difficulties with executive brain function and performing daily tasks. People with memory issues may think they are brushing, but using an old toothbrush is an indication otherwise. Additionally, those with Alzheimer's may eventually forget the purpose of brushing.

As a caregiver, it can be challenging to address these concerns, but it is crucial for their oral health. Observe their brushing habits and check for damp toothbrushes or signs of oral health problems. Intervene by using reminders, breaking the brushing process into steps, and providing gentle guidance.

Coordinate care with their dentist and check for medication effects. Encourage regular dental check-ups as long as possible. Good oral care helps prevent oral health issues and is important for overall health and well-being. Early intervention is crucial for individuals with dementia and their oral health.

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